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Monarch UAS provides aerial and ground based digital imaging services for -

Commercial and Govermental Inspections

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Commercial Marketing and Branding

Motion Picture and Television Productions

Digital and Print Fine and Applied Art

*more coming soon!


Our goal is to provide professional consultation and service to deliver high value imaging solutions using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and related technologies.  We are committed to complying with, and participating in the development of safe and reliable operating guidelines regulating activities utilizing UAS equipment, as we aim to be an experienced and valued voice in the conversations that will shape our future.  


Monarch UAS, a Limited Liabilty Company

FAA Certified Remote Pilot


My background in architectural design, historic preservation, photography, digital media creation and editing, and a passion for piloting UAS, have combined into developing Monarch.  

Monarch was established as an LLC in February 2016, with the goal of making enough money to pay for/justify my drone hobby, and we began volunteering our services with community organizations such as the Liberty Memorial, the City of Gladstone, and the Kansas State Conservatory to consult, explore imaging solutions, and develop service models.  We have been delighted to shoot sequences for a national award winning music video, assist in the marketing of commercial businesses, document subdivision growth, design custom media packages for real-estate companies,  assist with local planning and infrastructure projects, and begin seeding a professional arts portfolio.

In December 2016, Bill completed training and testing to become an FAA Certified Remote Pilot - which allows Monarch to operate as one of the first commercially Licensed UAV businesses in the United States.  This legislation for the FAA CFR 107, became available in September, and formalized regulations replacing the temporary provisions from the FAA 333 exemption process.


We look forward to the opportunities and connections that will continue our story!

Regards - Bill 


The DJI Phantom 3 Professional is the primary UAV used by Monarch.  It features state of the art flight and safety controls, positioning and recovery features, and includes a 4K @ 25fps Video and 12 Mexa-pixel Camera which is  mounted on a gyroscopically controlled gimbal.  It is one of the most widely recognized reliable and safe systems as evideneced by it's frequrent listing as the standard equipment listed in majority of the approved FAA 333 Exemptions.

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